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Crotonol Antabuse Online

Donate to the Children

It's easy, it's fun and it's extremely fulfilling.

In only Four Years of reaching out to the Flagstaff, Anthem, and North Valley Communities. We have been able to donate over 6,000 toys and gifts for the kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital

S4SC statistics show the enthusiasm for helping sick kids has grown each year we have asked for your help and we have an almost 100% rate of donors giving toys each year, and giving more toys each year.

In 2013, 40 donors, 245 toys; In 2014, 115 donors, 750 toys; In 2015, approximately 200 donors provided 1,750 toys for the children, and our Christmas season 2016 and Spring 2017 Toy Drives resulted in donating over 3,600 toys and gifts for the children.

BTC ADDRESS: 1FX4WhUmTyvJvryqJ67YPM7hkUb8VEzqg3

Donating can be done in several ways.

  • 1. Purchase your toys and then drop them off at any one of our several "Toy Drop Off" locations or contact us and we will come by your home or business and pick up your toy donation.
  • 2. Send us your financial donation and we will go buy the toys for you. Make your check out to "Smiles For Sick Children" and mail to Brian Billideau, 2114 W. Legends Way, Anthem, Az. 85086.
  • Donating over 3000 toys last year and 6,000 toys the past four years is a great accomplishment but with an estimated 18,000 children being admitted to Phoenix Children's Hospital in 2017 the need to raise toys to ensure all these children receive a new toy is greater than ever. Our goal of raising 5000 toys is a huge job so please donate as soon as you can.

    So please send what you can, $10, $25, $100 or more, or drop off you toys donation at any of our toy drop locations and thanks for thinking of the children at PCH this year and in the future.

    BTC ADDRESS: 1FX4WhUmTyvJvryqJ67YPM7hkUb8VEzqg3


    Donate to the Children